A turnkey property is a fully renovated home or buildings that can be purchased and immediately rented out. A turnkey home is typically purchased from a turnkey company, which specialized in the renovation of older properties. Turnkey real estate investing is ideal for people that are willing to give up potential returns in return for […]

How to Evaluate a Rental Property – The Basics “Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy.” -Marshall Field Real estate is one of, if not the best asset class you can invest in. It has turned many average joes into […]

Do real estate teams work? In short, yes they do. There are different types of real estate teams, but generally, a team involves the following: Investor Mentor/Partner Agent Lender Contractor Bookkeeper CPA Lawyer Insurance Agent Property Manager These are typically the 10 members of a team. Coming from the perspective of the investor, that leaves […]

It seems we all have a dream of financial freedom, don’t we? But for most of us, we are stuck in a 9-5 with dreams and aspirations, but no way to make those dreams a reality. You may hear about all of the ads and fads saying “Make $500,000 every month with this 1 simple […]

There is a lot to know when buying your first multifamily property. There is a lot of emotion, whether its anxiety, nervousness, or excitement. Your first multifamily investment is a step towards a life of financial freedom, and can create more time for you to do what you enjoy most, whatever it may be. The […]

This article is the first of a four-part series, going over every tip from Donald Trump’s book— “The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received“. No matter what your political beliefs are, one thing we can all agree on is that Trump knows his stuff in real estate. He was able to turn millions into […]

How to Invest in Apartment Buildings | A Comprehensive Guide “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” -Andrew Carnegie You may have heard that real estate is the best path to obtaining wealth, and apartments are one of the best ways. Obviously, you cam to that conclusion as well, or you […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Multi-Unit Real Estate Investing | RR “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate.” – Andrew Carnegie If […]

Is All Debt Bad? | Leveraging Good Debt and Bad Debt Debt is viewed as a bad thing for most people. The majority of people have made it their goal to get completely out of debt and live a debt-free lifestyle. While this is good for those wanting to live an average life, for those […]

Are REITs a good investment? Why wouldn’t you just invest in a rental property? Time Passive Income Less Risk Diversification If we ask ourselves a question like “are REITs a good investment”, we have to look at our own personal goals. What is good for one investor may not be good for another. In this […]